31 January 2020: ADB has introduced “Aimag and Soum Centers Green and Resilient Regional Development Investment Program” (ASDIP).

The introduction was targeting international partners including government agencies namely, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Light Industry, the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, the National development Bank, State Housing Corporation, Information and Research Institute Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment and Research Institute of Animal Husbandry. ASDIP is expected to launch a partnership for Low-Carbon Rangeland Management in Asia, which will provide financing for climate resilient and low carbon rangeland management in Mongolia and Asia on the basis of the mitigation results achieved. ASDIP is based on a close link between ecologic, social, geographic and economic approaches and between rangeland, agri-business and urban areas. It is a 10 years investment programme with a total budget of 735 million USD (GCF: 185 million USD + co-finance). It will be delivered in 3 tranches, linking green urban development, resilient and low-carbon rangeland management, and sustainable green agribusiness value chain with an overall green and resilient agro-territorial development framework.