2019: Software to manage herd rotation and annual culling rates was developed with the support of SDC Green Gold Animal Health Project: Read more…

The software development was professionally supported by scientists from Mongolian University of Life Science. The software calculates herd’s numeric and component changes in certain period until the proper rangeland carrying capacity is kept. Based on software analysis, annual production, producing cost and revenue can be estimated from the herd that a herding family keep. The software not only determining above mentioned indicators it also has benefits as a tool to implement and coordinate long and midterm livestock policies efficiently at local level. Successful application of this software can increase market-oriented products from traditional nomadic herding system into public markets. The software to manage annual culling rates of the herd has four subsections that can be used for following purposes. Hereto;

  1. Estimating pasture carrying capacity at specific area
  2. Planning annual herd expansion and culling rates
  3. Assessing productivity of animal
  4. Determining supplementary feed amount